Question and Answer-


What is your minimum delivery?
Answer:3 cubic yards is the minimum delivery of any products without a delivery charge. Any delivery under 3 cubic yards will have an additional $50 trucking fee.
Question:How much will I need ?
Answer:Take the square footage of the area you are trying to cover and divide that by 100. 1 cubic yard will cover 100 square feet, approx. 3 inches thick.
Question:What is the most popular mulch ?
Answer:Hemlock Blend and Black Forest are our two best sellers.
Question:How long will the color last ?
Answer:You will generally get one full season out of the mulches. Depending on the Winter, you may get two seasons.
Question:What is the difference between the mulches ?
Answer:The tree origin of the material and the color.
Question:Is the mulch safe for children and animals ?
Answer:Yes, but we don't recommend that children put it in their mouths.
Question:Can I split 3 cubic yards with my neighbor ?
Answer:We have a 3cubic yard minimum for each house without a delivery charge. If you need a smaller amount we can accommodate you, however there will be a small trucking charge.
Question:Are the mulches color enhanced?
Answer:The only material that has a touch of dye is the Hemlock Blend. That material only has approx.. 10% dye.